Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snippety Snip..

I think the last time the boys got their hair cut was before Christmas.. Things have been so crazy busy around here with snow days, homeschooling, dentists appointments, the flu, my back going out, and a handful of other things that I really didn't realize how out of control it was until one night after they all had a shower and decided to spike it up..

I usually cut all of their hair along with the neighbor boys but today I was just not in the mood to wear the "Hair Stylist" hat.. 

So off to the Barber we went.. 

(they all got to pick out colored hair gel to spike up the front)

In fact after taking them all to the barber, I think I might just throw that "stylist" hat out the window and let the wicked Kodiak wind take it to Russia.. (cause' I can see it from my front window ya' know) *wink* *wink* 

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  1. You click on the word "this", in the sentence, "led me to this video..." Sorry for the confusion! :)