Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In a Nut Shell

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I'm sure I am missing a few things in between but in a nutshell we have- gone to Fossil Beach and Roslin with the BEST neighbors ever, went up Pillar with Lib, had a water balloon fight, went to Jewel Beach, Ian learned how to ride a 2 wheeler, played a parents vs. kids game of soccer and Shane got his award and trophy, took Libby to see the float planes, went to Roslin with GREAT friends, went to Fort Abercrombie where I professed my love for the better half of me, and Libby and I hiked to the top of Barometer- all since Daddy went sailing.. Staying busy makes the days seem shorter but it still doesn't take away how much we're missing a certain someone..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Where does it go? And is there a way to stall it, stop it, reverse it, change it, or just simply embrace it? Seems like just yesterday our youngest was getting into anything and everything. 

My baby isn't a baby any more.. 

Today he officially conquered riding a bike without training wheels. 
It was a moment where I felt so proud of him. Ecstatic that he was finally able to do something he has been fearing but longing to do for so long now and in that same moment, I was sad. Because I knew this is just one step closer to independence- not needing or relying on me. Sure I know I should be happy about this milestone and I truly am but at the same time I am greatly missing those comet spilling moments too. 

He kept saying the first couple tries something we taught all the boys to say when they feel fearful or unsure of themselves.. 

" I can do all things, through Christ, who strengthens me" 
Philippians 4:13          

Lord, Let those words be something more than just a memorized verse, allow that verse and many others to penetrate deep into my sons' souls. Let them believe in you and what you are capable of doing through them whole heartedly. May they never loose their childlike faith in you. Regardless of where this crazy thing we call life takes them, let them always cling to your truths and your word. May they always know that there will never be a moment in their life where they won't need your hand to guide them. Help me Lord learn how to embrace these new milestones, and cherish the ones I am walking through now.  Thank You for giving my little guy the courage and the endurance to persevere today. Thank You that I was there with him, able to see him call out to you for help.  May all of our children come to you regardless of their worldly surrounding, and cry out when they are troubled. Thank You for the hedge of protection you placed over my child today. Thank You that you heard his cry and delivered him into VICTORY.. Thank You Lord that I have so many things to be thankful for even in the simple things, like learning how to ride a bike.