Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In a Nut Shell

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I'm sure I am missing a few things in between but in a nutshell we have- gone to Fossil Beach and Roslin with the BEST neighbors ever, went up Pillar with Lib, had a water balloon fight, went to Jewel Beach, Ian learned how to ride a 2 wheeler, played a parents vs. kids game of soccer and Shane got his award and trophy, took Libby to see the float planes, went to Roslin with GREAT friends, went to Fort Abercrombie where I professed my love for the better half of me, and Libby and I hiked to the top of Barometer- all since Daddy went sailing.. Staying busy makes the days seem shorter but it still doesn't take away how much we're missing a certain someone..

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  1. Ah.... :) I like this... the only thing i can think that you left out was the boys birthday party we went to, Monsters vs. Aliens movie we saw, and our amazing sushi dinner that i have yet to tell Cortland about.... :/ :) But... besides those things... sounds pretty good! I had a BLAST! :D Really.... I WILL be back... :) promise.. .