Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When life gives you lemons..

more than your bucket can hold, you sometimes just have to set the bucket down and find yourself a nice TALL glass of red wine and know that the lemons will still be waiting there for you in the morning. 

Oh Yes, today has been one of those days. You know- a day where one thing after another happens and if you had known what all would have transpired you would have just stayed in bed kinda days.. Hind sight is what again? 

So are you ready for an instant replay of my day?

Woke up feelings great. Cooked my husband a nice breakfast before he left for a 3 day (just in case the helio ever crashes- let's see if you can hack it in the Kodiak Mountains with nothing but the clothes on your back, a cup of dry beans and various other non-food items that can fit into a 1/2 gallon ziplock baggie) survival training camp.  *Please pray for His safety*

After I sent him on his way (to commit SUICIDE, I mean to train)  I was able to read in my bible, journal and even have a quiet time of prayer before the boys got up.  After having breakfast with the boys, and doing our daily devotional, Ian helped me open up the blinds. That's when I noticed that the weather had gone from windy and wet to as Ian said- "wintery." 

After a few hours of homeschooling, the boys asked if they could go out and play in the sideways blowing snow with the neighbor kids. As they dressed for their expedition, our sweet, ohhh so comical, 1 year old little girl escaped the house. I, of course still in my pajamas, threw on a coat and my boots and go to retrieve her.  

10 minutes later.. 
Still no dog, and I can no longer feel my fingers. 

20 minutes later..
I recruit the neighbor kids, along with Caleb to coax Kona close enough to grab her collar.

30 minutes later..
Kona has stolen a pink mitten right off of my neighbors hand and has bolted for a near by field to frolic with her new toy..

45 minutes later..
With the help of a pink mitten, my neighbor Emily (thank you again for freezing your butt off trying to capture my NEUROTIC dog) and Caleb, Our sweet (eww girl your lucky I am a Christian) dog is on a leash and heading for home. 

Just as we were almost back to the house, Emily's husband drove up and asked what we were doing. Emily explains that SATAN, I mean Kona had gotten out and that we had just conquered the game of "Come and get me, ah ha too slow".

Her husband smiles and tries to pull forward and realizes he is stuck. I hand the dog off to Caleb, giving him explicit instructions to BANISH the hound to the kennel. Emily and I try to push her husbands truck out from the snow bank. His tires spin, and just sink him further into a rut. 

Did I mention I am still in my pajamas? 

So I run and get our 4 Runner and successfully pull him out.  I finally get back into the house and realize that I am missing a kid. It's Caleb! I call out for him in the house, down in the basement, just outside the back door, the front door. I knock on Emily's door and ask if he is there. Still no Caleb. 

10 minutes later..

I venture back out into the cold and start walking towards the playground calling out for him. I hear a faint "Yeah, Mom" in the distance. Through the snow flurries I see him walking towards me with a shovel in his hand. I franticly ask, Where were you? Didn't you hear me calling your name? What were you doing down there?

His response-

"Ohh, I wanted to build a Fort.."

HELLO!!!! There is a BLIZZARD WARNING IN EFFECT! WINDS ARE 50+mph, and most importantly "YOU DIDN'T ASK!"

After getting back inside, taking a shower to thaw out, cooking and having dinner, and doing the dishes, I decide to do what I had planned to do this morning and I make Banana Nut Muffins. As I pull them out of the oven, the tin bends and my pot holder slips.... 

and this my friends is when you have the choice: 

A: Make Lemonade 
B: Have a glass of wine

it's too cold for lemonade.. 

Thank You Lord-
that I was able to catch Kona...
that I was able to pull our neighbor out of the snow...
that I was able to find Caleb...
that I had the ingredients to make the mess that I did... 
that your word says it's ok to have a glass of wine here and there.
that I have so much to be thankful for, even in the midst of all the chaos... 

Please remember to keep Dale in your thoughts and prayers the next couple of days. That he is able to stay warm and safe. And that he returns safely to us on Friday.  


  1. You, my best friend, are an amazing storyteller. You have a way with words. I love the pictures, too. You're post made me tear up at the end. Isn't that the truth? It's not about the bad day we had, but the many numerous ways God was with us and provided for us in the midst of our circumstances. Thank you for your constant encouragement to seek God and love him more deeply, whether you're speaking truth to me while the kids run around the house or through a blog. I love you, my bestest friend. MSBFWJMAAFA

  2. What a day Jen- Sounds like your typical day. haha

    We had a church meeting at Pastor Glen's last night... kind of like old times. And I was thinking, its all because of Jen & Dale that we started coming here... Good thing you didn't fall for that cult! Love ya and glad to see that you are doing good ... and trying to stay warm. Will say a prayer for Dale. Love, the other Jen

  3. I love this story...and the way you tell it with the pictures and the wine is just too funny! :) The pink mitten was hillarious, and so was Caleb when he asked me if I had just been sledding after I had just been out in the blizzard looking for him and trying not to think about him possibly being missing. :D It was definitely a crazy afternoon! We'll have to do it again some time! Shoot, with me around it will probaly be sooner than later! Oh, and thanks for pulling my husband and his wimpy truck out of the snow! :)