Monday, December 15, 2008


is what I desperately am.. 
Not for Water.. Not for Wine..
But for a deeper relationship with Christ. 

 Ever since returning from our LONG and unexpected trip to California/Arizona I have had quite a few moments in my days/weeks in being home and re-settled- where I have felt so very spiritually dehydrated. Warn Down. Hopeless. So easily tempted and consumed by Satan's lies...  I am utterly amazed how quickly I can allow Satan to take up residence in my mind- reeking havoc on my thoughts, my actions and my outlook on life.

A dear friend recommended a book to me a couple weeks ago called Thirsty. I ordered it from Amazon and have been reading in it the past couple nights.  The author (Amy Nappa) takes "The Woman at the well"- a story I have read over and over again and she turns it into something so much deeper than an outcast, sinful samaritan woman needing living water.  In reading this book I am realizing (again)that-

I have been longing to meet Jesus more deeply..
that God waits for me in the most unexpected places of my life..
God knows me better than I know myself..
God goes out of his way to wait for me to meet him and to enjoy him.. 
God cherished me, the one for whom he waits. 
and that I have the choice to meet him- 
no matter where I am in "my" personal agenda- He waits..

With that I will leave you with this-

John 4:1-42

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