Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bring On The Rain..

By: Jo Dee Messina Have you heard it? I have replayed it at least 4 times in the last 30 minutes- trying to muster up a tear. 

I am tired.. And when I get overly tired I get overly emotional, and tonight is just one of those nights. Do you ever have a moment where you think to yourself "If I just had a big fat cry session, I would feel better" and then for some reason, no matter how hard you try, no matter how many sad and depressing things that you conjure up in your head YOU CAN'T shed one single tear! So maybe you never actually sit there and purposely think of really sad things, but at least I'm being real in my dilemma...

As I sit here, trying to cry- thinking of something worthy of your attention to blog about I can't help but to reflect upon the words in the song that is now playing for the umm, I'm pretty sure the 6th time now..  

Third line into the song it says-

Sometimes I'd like to hide away, somewhere and lock the door

Before we moved here, I had a walk in closet. And when I was having a "sometimes" moment I would go into the closet, using my only worn once bridesmaid dresses to "hide" behind.. It was really the perfect spot. Dale and the kids would come looking for me, open the closet door, flick on the light and I would go unnoticed and able to continue in my pity party, table for 1 please..  

That line got me thinking about how no matter how hard we try, no matter how big our closet, how long our bridesmaid dress or strong of a lock we may have, we can never, ever hide from our Heavenly  Father. He knows our heart. 

My Heart. 

And all those moments where I thought I was hiding from my circumstances, I have come to realize are missed moments... Because really I wasn't hiding anything, I was growing closer to God by being completely transparent with Him. I would cry out to Him, Yell at Him, or just simply "Be Still" and you know, I may have walked out of that closet with my eyes a little puffier, and my head hanging a little lower, but I was able to let it all out.  I laid it all at my Messiah's feet. 

We have been here almost a full year and I still have yet to find my hiding spot, but I now realize the importance of having a spot. So my question to you is- 

"Where is it that you cry out- Bring on the rain?"

(remember to pause the music @ the bottom of my page before viewing)


  1. You should write devotionals. Seriously. You are a great writer. Wow. Love you! You got me to think...not sure where that spot is for me...the shower? Love you!

  2. Awww my heart goes out to you....wish I was there right down the street, just walking oin the door to spend the night AGAIN! Only to bug your husband by it! HAHAHA! Love you sister! I put up new pics on my blog....

  3. Happy Easter ... Hope you and your have a delightful Ressurection Sunday. Many blessings & much love, Mica

    P.s I will e-mail you after Easter.... Re: The e-mail you sent me tonight. Love ya !!

  4. Hey where the heck are you? We need to connect! :) Keep in touch keep it current, fresh, good, supportive....and all those other things. I kinda just want someone to talk to besides my husband. :)

  5. Hey, cuz-in-law! Greetings from CA. How are you? Been too long since seeing/talking to all of you. Glad my mom turned me on to your blog, it's great! Renne' and I would love to come up there for a visit. You'll have to let us know when is a good time of year for you, Dale and the kids (wow, they're getting so big!). Say hello and give our love to everyone. Hope to hear from you soon. Love, Lori :-)