Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Easter?

So I am a bit behind on the updates.. Considering that Easter was almost 3 weeks ago. But I'm posting now so don't give me any grief..  ;)
On Easter, the boys and I made Resurrection Cookies. We have been making them for the past 5 years now, so I guess it's become a tradition... 

 It's a super simple recipe, if you want it let me know and I will email it to you. 
We also went to Church, went to Brunch with the neighbors at the Galley, and came home and relaxed a bit before going over to our friends house to have a Easter Egg Hunt in 3+ feet of snow.. Never thought I would be typing out that sentence.. Still not sure if I am even OK with typing out that sentence.. I mean, 3+ feet of SNOW on Easter? Hmm.. Just doesn't seem right!  

(I think this was right before he sunk in to his neck. :P)

And then of course when you get fresh powder, a day off of work and beautiful weather, it means the husband(s) are gonna ask to go play, even on Easter.. So the wives and chitlins stayed behind and Dale and the other husbands hiked up Pyramid Mountain and had a good ride down snowboarding. 

(Dale's the second blur)

And I am happy to report that now that it has taken me almost 3 weeks to post what we did for Easter, I can include a very SPECTACULAR, RARE OCCURANCE of the SUN COMING OUT..

 Yes, Folks the sun came out for a moment.. I mean a brief moment, longer than a blink but shorter than a yawn and I was smart enough to capture it on film, so when it rains/snows/sleets for the next 2 YEARS, I can pull it out, caress it, long for it, and remember it did grace us with it's presences on very rare occasions. :P

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