Friday, February 19, 2010


Shane had a birthday..

 Can you guess how old he turned???

Dale had a birthday too,
and turned-

(What a PIGGY!) 

(That's better!)

It's tradition in our family that you get to pick what you eat for the entire day. Shane went easy on me. He asked for Eggs, Bacon and Sausage for Breakfast, Donuts for Lunch, Dinner @ the Pizza Parlor, with Dirt and Worms and a Pinata for dessert. Dale... Well He had to go "needy" on me and ask for two very complicated items.. Actually he knew I wasn't feeling very well so bless his sweet heart- he requested a simple pasta dish with some type of banana dessert because our naner's were almost BLACK.

It was his 30th!!!

 I was not about to cook blah!!! I took "pasta" and had to make a very complicated vegetarian lasagna. Along with a pumpkin cheesecake!! First time cooking either one of them and just about everything that could go wrong with the process did!!! Thank the Lord it all came out AMAZING! Never mind that 20 minutes after singing him Happy Birthday and making sure the kitchen was cleaned up I was in bed PASSED OUT.. Poor Guy.. At least I filled his belly full of goodness before ditchin' him. :)

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