Tuesday, August 31, 2010


As summer fades, or as we say here on the rock- pass us COMPLETELY by.. I have been doing a lot of reflecting.. Oh Snap.. And I must say, even though my husband was gone entirely WAY to much this summer, and a lot of BIG changes have happened, like this-

Baby Boy Due 12/09/10

I have realized that even under all the stress, change, and what not. 


We have money in the bank (not a lot but enough to get us by), a roof over our head, beds to sleep in with blankets that keep us warm, a mound of dirty clothes piled up that need to be washed with plenty of clean ones still in our drawers, food in our bellies, clean water to drink, messes to clean (made by three VERY healthy and active boys), cars that run, toilets that flush, and a husband that WILL eventually come home to his eagerly waiting family.  I AM BLESSED!!!!

I am thankful the Lord put it back into perspective for me.. I was really starting to get over-whelmed with all the To Do's that go along with all the big changes that have been taking place the last 6 months or so. 

Things may not always be well with my circumstances, but Lord THANK YOU for opening my eyes to see that I can choose it to be well with my soul. 


  1. Beautifully written! I know I certainly can get lost amid all the To-Do's! Thanks for the perspective!

  2. Way to remind yourself of this Jen! It's so true and the old saying "Count your blessings" really should not be forgotten! It helps to write everyone down or to speak out all the things you're thankful for when things get discouraging or clouded by our fears... I know that happens alot for me and I know just telling God I trust Him and thanking Him for the things I DO have helps so much :) You're an encouragment!!! I love you!