Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is the stuff..


  • Locked myself out of the house... (again)
  • Every one of my FOUR boys had some sort of emotional meltdown.. And the only one that was "cute" while screaming was Jeremiah.. =)
  • sat in pee left by a certain 6 year old that doesn't remember to LIFT THE SEAT when peeing!
  • had BIG plans for homeschooling and only got Math and Lang. done with the boys.
  • wanted to go for a walk but it seemed as if all the angels and God himself were crying, because the rain did not let up once!


  • had maybe 4 hours of sleep and was SUPER Duper crabby with the boys.
  • washed and folded 3 loads of laundry only for the dog to knock them over and LAY ON THEM!
  • had a talk with my mom about NOT so fun stuff going on with our family right now. (PRAY)
  • attempted to clean the homeschool room only to walk out and find 8 other messes awaiting me- thank you boys!
  • Dale came home with a migraine, baby was screaming, kids were fighting, didn't have all the stuff I needed to make dinner. Felt totally and competely DEFEATED!
  • went for a drive.
  • saw that the ferry was docked downtown and SERIOUSLY considered boarding it!

And then...

I just kept driving.. Cranked up K-Love and started to think of everyone else around me facing different challenges, some so much harder than mine. In that instant- my overwhelmed spirit became HUMBLED! I actually started to sing praises to my KING. And all the above melted away. I even managed to stop the water works to walk into the store to grab what I needed to finish dinner along with a pack of mint oreos.. (my drug of choice)

Pulling out of our driveway I wanted nothing more than to drive as fast as I could- away from all the CHAOS ensuing within our walls.

Pulling into our driveway, I was renewed.

In the midst of chaos it's easy to loose sight of all the blessings the Lord has allowed to fall graciously upon you. It's easy to slip into "poor me" syndrome.
(in my case I actually think it was more of a "POUR me" a glass of something STRONG) :P

I am thankful for this little learning lesson- also thankful that I live on an island with only so many miles of paved road- keeping my learning lesson shorter than if I had had a HIGHWAY!! I want to challenge all of you (if there is anyone still reading this??) to pull back from the chaos if it starts to ensue..

Stop looking around, and take a moment to look UP! Get real with God, and embrace the spirit of humbleness when He dumps mounds of it on your head.


  1. hey girl! 4 bundles of BOY blessings going on there huh? Haven't headr from you in so long. I will send you a private e-mail later tonight...I have to get off the comp. but will also be back here to read this post better...Miss ya!!! Mica

  2. Very funny email,loved it. Jackie showed up for OTP. PTL
    So know that singing God's praises when I feel like screaming them!

  3. I feel like I was there with ya :)

  4. Wonderful post!! So many days I feel just like that!! And I too am thankful for all the blessings that we have been given!

  5. I love this blog! and welcomed your reminder to take a moment and look up to all his grace.

  6. Love ya Jen. I wish I lived in Kodiak so I could give you more "humbling drives" away from everything and everyone. :) They are so needed... Hang in there, you're so strong it's inspiring.
    I love you!!!

  7. After rereading this I thought of a song you had better know by heart... Just Another Day in Paradise :) Cortland and I sing it all the time! xoxo