Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Family Tradition- Day 1: Send candy to the troops.

Our family is embarking on a new family tradition. 

For the entire month of November we will do one act of GIVING each day and give THANKS for being blessed enough to do so, whether it be with our time, money, or material belongings. 

Today, we sat down as a family and came up with 30 awesome ways we could accomplish our- Finding THANKS in GIVING tradition..  My prayer is that it not only shows us how BLESSED we are, but that it also touches lives and allows people to see and feel Jesus through us. My hope is that this new tradition will carry on well into my children's adulthood.  This world makes it so very easy to be selfish. Here's to becoming less of us, and more of Him. 

Day 1: Send Candy to the Troops

Shane, Ian and I went through the loot of Halloween candy they collected last night and separated the hard candies from the chocolate. As they were sorting, I could see that they were starting to get frustrated giving up certain ones. They asked "Can I just have this?" or "But Mom, that's a full sized star burst!" At first, I was disappointed in their lack of willingness. And then came a learning lesson. 

I asked them if they could go to the store right now and buy that same exact candy bar they were giving up. They both answered yes. I reminded them that the solider's didn't have the luxuries that we have here. There were no mini marts, and ice cream truck where these soldiers were. Just flying bullets, road side bombs and dusty tents in the middle of hot desert. I asked them if they thought the troops would smile when seeing the candy because it reminded them of home, and in that moment I saw both of their hearts change. They happily sorted the rest of candy with smiles on their faces, we made a card to go with our box of sweets and off to the Post Office we went to mail our first act of giving away.. 

Want to send your own box of candy to the troops? 

Mail your hard candy or chocolate (separated) to:

Attention: Rich Hernandez
Operation Smile
17330 Victory Blvd. 
Van Nuys, California 91406

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