Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4: Return shopping carts.

Day 4: Putting carts back at the grocery store.

Today's act was by far the most fun! Who knew gathering up carts and pushing them back to their corrals would be so fun.. The weather was HOT- 90' with an occasional tropical breeze. Luckily, Mama was smart and we went swimming before hand to get nice and cool- heading straight to the local grocery store from the pool with our swimsuits still damp.. ;)

I was the first to be captured in our Finding THANKS in GIVING act. 

Caleb was once again less than thrilled to be participating. Out of all my kiddos, he is the first to give up something not expecting anything in return. The first to buy a candy for his brother with his allowance, win a cake on the cake walk and give it to a boy who had been trying to win for a while. He is my natural giver! I was seriously irritated when I saw the dread smeared across his face given these facts. Thankfully, Dale could sense the negative vibe flowing so he stopped us all in our tracks for a family prayer- right in the middle of gathering carts. 

We got the strangest looks from the customers walking to and from their cars. Five or Six store employee's gathered by the door to watch the gringos running around the parking lot gathering carts. 

By the third load a young employee comes out and stops me. 

Employee: "Ma'am, you don't need to be doing this!" 

Me: "I know, but you see we are teaching our kids to be thankful in giving."

Employee: *stares at me blankly*

Me: "We are trying to teach them that the Lord has given them ABLE bodies to serve others, without expecting a thing in return. We are trying to teach them that hard work can be fun when you give from the heart." 

Employee: *big smile* "Able Bodies, I like that. Um, can I help too?" 

Me: "Of course!" 

That employee spoke beautiful, crystal clear english- which is rare! I wish I had thought to get a picture of him with the boys after we had finished. Or at least his name. 

When we got home, I asked Caleb for forgiveness for my irritation with him at the beginning of the our cart gathering. He also asked forgiveness and explained that  his attitude wasn't because he didn't want to do it, he just felt shy. He felt uncomfortable having people stare at him. He felt like an outsider. 

Learning Lesson #4: 
Jesus was an outsider. He went against the grain. He did what was right regardless of what people thought or said. He didn't care about being cool, or looking "too religious". We are to mirror His image. 

Caleb is at a pivotal point in his life. He is trying to figure out where he fits in, he is searching. He is questioning what is socially acceptable. My prayer is that his hearts desire is to mirror Jesus and not be shy or embarrassed about being what this world considers "different." That is my prayer for all of us. 

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