Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 12: Dessert to Ready Crew

Day 12: Dessert to Ready Crew

Today is Veterans Day. Last week,  I totally over did it and woke up with contractions this morning. Which meant bed rest for me until my uterus is done being angry.  Daddy and the boys were on their own for this Finding THANKS in GIVING act.

My husband has an awesome job.
He is my very own Veteran.
He was lucky enough to have today off.

But given his line of work, there is always a ready crew (even on Holidays), in case the SAR (search and rescue) alarm sounds.  Any military wife, I am sure has longed to have what is called a duty night. I have a fantasy of what a duty night consists of. I picture having a night of surfing the web, watching cable and taking a shower without any interruptions. In reality, for my husband and his co-workers, duty comes every 4 days in a segment of 24 hours straight that they have to spend on base. Usually it consists of maintenance, routine flights and SAR.

The boys know what duty entails. And as we enjoyed having Daddy home on this holiday, we reminded them that there was a crew standing ready at the hanger.

This meant:
No BBQin' for the ready crew.
No enjoying the day off in celebration of their service to our country.
No one really paying any attention to them standing ready... Just in case.

I asked them if they wanted to make the duty crew a treat and go serve it to them to show their appreciation for their service to us and others. They all agreed they would.

Because I was on bed rest, and Dale was doing other things the boys made brownies all by them selves. Without fighting, or complaining. They were excited to bring a treat to the guys at the hanger. Or maybe they were just excited I wasn't in the kitchen micro managing their every move.. In any case, I could hear the giggles and laughter coming from the kitchen and it was a wonderful sound to hear.

Did they even realize they were serving? Did they understand that they were finding THANKS in GIVING just by doing this simple act? By the look on my boys faces, I'd say they enjoy serving others. How cool is that!!!

The guys said it was one of the best Veteran's Day they had ever had.
Who doesn't love hot brownies and root beer floats?

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  1. Andy was SO EXCITED to tell me about this when he got home from duty! Your boys definitely found the sweet spot in his tummy, and he was impressed with how excited they were to give. You and yours are doing wonderful things, Jen, and they'll last a lifetime.