Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 10: Beach Clean Up

Day 10: Beach Clean Up

Today, I headed to San Juan with a group of girlfriends to participate in the Diva Run taking place on Sunday.  Leaving Dale and the boys to do the Finding THANKS in Giving act of the day.

The beaches are BEAUTIFUL here.  And there are plenty to choose from, which is one of many silver linings of living on a tropical island. What saddens me, is that every time we go I wished I had brought a garbage bag with me due to the crazy amount of trash either washed up or left behind from other people enjoying one of many God's amazing creations. :)

Dale and the boys picked the beach right across the street from our house to go pick trash up at.

They had a couple of neighborhood kids join in the fun.

I am so proud of all of them. Being eager to serve, knowing that they would not receive a thing in return. It seems that the worlds mentality these days is "Well if I didn't do it, why should I do anything to fix it?" "What's in it for me?" Sad. Very very sad way of thinking.

I hope these moments stick with them. I hope, as they grow into fine young men they reflect upon these Finding THANKS in GIVING acts and it inspires them to continue to build upon the Servants Heart that we are trying to instill in them.

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