Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 6: Thank the MailMan.

Day 6: Thank You Note and Treat to the Mailman.

Bills and junk mail are not all that fun to get in the mail. Birthday Cards, Special Treats and notes from friends and family make even the grumpiest of people smile.

Am I right?

I know many are quick to get annoyed and complain when the mail doesn’t’ show up when it’s expected too, myself included. But what about all the days that it does show up, regardless of the weather or what that postal worker is facing in his or her personal life. 

How many times have you thanked your mail person? 
Today, we did.

We did it-MacGyver style with a huge Thank You card and 2 nutella filled Krispy Kreme donuts..

He delivered our mail earlier than usual and we were not done making his card. By the time we finished, dressed and hopped in the car to go find him it turned into a game of “Where’s Waldo?” He was ninja fast today and had already made it off base to the local houses around our area. We went up and down streets trying to spot his truck. 15 minutes into looking for him, with still no mail truck in sight, I asked the boys to pray that we would be able to find him. As soon as we came out of the sub-division, Caleb spotted his truck parked at the mini mart right outside the back gate of base. PERFECT!

We rolled up quick style. I had the boys hop out, set the card on the seat along with the donuts, I took a quick picture and we were gone before he came out to catch us in the act. 

The boys asked to park out of sight so we could watch him react to our Finding THANKS in GIVING act of the day.. 

(click the picture to make it bigger)

We all agreed that how things went down played out way better than our original plan of just handing him the card and plate of donuts at our door. 

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