Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 14: Help a Homeless Person.

Day 14: Help a Homeless Person.

Today, D took all of the boys to get much needed hair cuts. Leaving me in an amazing, much needed quiet house. On his way there, I called him and asked him not to cut Miah's hair without me being there. Silly, but it was going to be his first professional haircut. That's a moment I didn't want to miss. :)

After the haircuts, D decided to stop by Walgreens to get the kids a treat. Before they went in they noticed a homeless man scrunched in a corner near the trash cans. D walked over and asked him if he spoke english and the man answered brokenly that his name was Julio and he was a recovering addict that missed his treatment for the day at the clinic across the street.

D offered to buy him some food.

D told each of the boys to grab a small basket and scan the isles on their own for healthy snacks and treats for Julio. D was curious to see what they would pick.

Trail Mix, Tuna Packs, Gatorade, Beef Jerky and Peanut Butter Crackers.
Shane's basket had a pack of Oreos.. (because he wanted to include me)

When they came out of the store, Julio was being run off by the Security Guards. They ran to him with the bags of goodies and he was on his way to who knows where. D wasn't able to snap a picture.

I have a feeling the boys will remember this Finding THANKS in GIVING act regardless of missing pictures. Because the conversation that proceeded after they got back in the car was deep.. And thoughtful.

They speculated on how Julio had ended up homeless.
Where his parents were.
If he knew who Jesus was.
If he would always be homeless.
Why he didn't try to get a job.

They wanted to know his story. They prayed for his safety and that he would enjoy the treats.

I hope my boys wonder about Julio often. I hope they think about everything Julio doesn't have every time they open their mouth to complain about something they do have. Same goes for D and I. I hope these moments turn into lasting memories that change our way of thinking.

Years from now, when they see another homeless person, I hope they flash back to this moment and GIVE without judging that persons circumstances or prior poor choices. I hope they see beyond the dirty rags and smell, and see a soul that some how got lost along the way. That the person on the receiving end of what ever my children are willing to give, will FEEL Jesus through their actions.

That is my hope.

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