Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 8: Buy a stranger lunch.

Day 8: Buy lunch for someone else.

Today, I had an OB appointment on the other side of our tropical island. It’s a crazy, makes me want to take a valium and a shot of something strong two hour drive. 

Yesterday, I took our SUV to Pep Boys to get our brakes done in lue of our trip. Brakes are not an option here and ours were starting to feel questionable.

Random tid bit of information? Not really.

15 minutes into our drive to my doctors appointment, we rear end a brand new 2012 Toyota Prius.. Dale went to apply the BRAND NEW brakes and they weren’t there. I watched his foot and the brake pedal go all the way to the floor. And then, I covered my eyes and braced for impact. Luckily, what little brakes we did have, slowed us down enough to make the impact more of a gentle tap.

If the adrenaline wasn’t running so high while swapping info with the sweet (praise God she was bilingual) young woman we hit, I may have thought to buy her lunch as our Finding THANKS in GIVING act.  We didn’t.

After continuing on to my doctors appointment safely, confirming Cayte was truly a SHE and not a HE- We went to lunch. Dale and I had the boys scan the restaurant for a good Finding THANKS in GIVING candidate. 

We ended up buying lunch for a young couple out with their brand new baby.

They looked like any new parent should. Sleep deprived. Staring blankly across the booth at each other. We asked the waiter to add a dessert, and keep our identity under cover. It was so hard not to stare over there to watch their reaction. We managed though, thanks to Jeremiah distracting us with whacks to the face with the free balloon sword the hostess gave him when we first arrived. 

We did glance up to see the couple smiling as they left.  Which made all of us smile. We prayed for our food and for them as well.

The waiter came over with a note of thanks written on a napkin they had left at their table. 

He explained that the new dad drilled him for information. Who was it? Was it a she, a he? The restaurant? The waiter responded with- “forgetaboutit!”

After the morning we had, we needed that little pick me up as much as those new parents. J  

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  1. I love it all, yor sweet spirit and generous hearts...what great ideas. Your kiddos are getting so big and they are so handsome too. These are hard times for sure. We are packing up to live with my mom til my hubby gets a calling ...we can't afford rent any longer. So sad, but greatful we have a place to go. I recently gave three big brown bags full of my kids old boos to an autistic child in our neighborhood.I am a part of a Freecycle group in my area...someone was looking fo books for their child, i amswered the e-mail and left all the books on the porch for her son to use and hopfully will be blessed by them. She later left an e-mail stating how overwhelmed with gratitude she felt. My kids and I were thrilled to bless someone we didn't know through giving. your posts ae inspiring. So glad to see ya back here blogging too...Hugs, Mica