Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 7: Free Gas to a stranger.

Day 7: Free gas to a stranger. 

This Finding THANKS in GIVING act was exciting for the boys. Okay, not gonna lie- It was equally fun for me too.. Pretty cut and dry. Make a sign, leave money with the gas attendant and pray that the person pulling up to that particular pump would be blessed by our act of kindness. 

I had budgeted for $20 dollars to give. When I sat down with the boys this morning to talk about our daily act and make the sign they surprised me. They all decided to offer up $5 of their own allowance to put towards the free gas sum. No hesitation, no complaining, they genuinely wanted to give.. From the heart..  So proud of them!

We arrived at the gas station and not a customer was in sight, so we picked pump #5 (because 5 is Daddy's favorite number, and we some how wanted to include him)

I hopped out, placed the note on the pump handle and waddled over to explain our plan to the gas attendant. He looked baffled, confused, and even a bit suspicious but agreed to help carry out our plan.

I hopped back in the car and asked the boys to pray for the person that would be receiving this blessing. They went above and beyond what I expected them to say. Shane prayed that the person would feel blessed and really need this pick me up. Ian prayed that the gas attendant would be honest and not take the money for himself (Ha!) , and Caleb gave thanks that we had the money to bless someone else with.  

My heart was so full driving away from the gas station. We didn't stick around to see who pulled up to pump #5, but I knew, no matter who received it, my boys grasped the concept of Finding THANKS in GIVING.. 

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