Sunday, April 14, 2013


Soo.. Today I quit Facebook. As of this moment, for good.. I had been wrestling with the decision for Y E A R S.. (yes, sad I know- But addicts don't become free from their addiction over night. ;)

As I was saying my prayers last night I made the decision to just do it. QUIT..

Cold Turkey..

No more Facebook "Fasts".
No more deleting the app from my phone, and then re-downloading it only days later.
No more having Dale change the password so I wouldn't be tempted to log in.

Honestly, I kinda feel ashamed to be admitting all that.. Pathetic, right..

Being a stay at home mom, I LOVED LOVED LOVED plugging into my "social network" while I was nursing, during nap times, after dinner, waiting here or there..

I justified it.

Called it "Me Time".

But what I have come to realize is- Facebook made me, well... Socially Inept.. And for lack of a better phrase, a half ass mom, wife and friend.

So I guess in a way, I am trading in my social media for:

Date Nights..
Sillyness with my kids..
Girls Night Out..

Don't get me wrong, Facebook is awesome for staying in touch, especially since we acquire such amazing relationships with so many different folks during all our transfers.  Staying in the loop with family is so much easier too. But I filled my free time with liking statues, reading random boards, and filtering through all the "shared" sayings and quotes. Oh, and the pictures.. Gonna miss those the most!

Facebook made me lazy, disengaged with my kids, my husband, and REAL people in my neighborhood I could be inviting over to play a game, have a drink with or go out for dessert with. At the end of the night, I'd log off and feel frustrated going to bed- yet again getting sucked into the vortex of time lapse Facebook is so good at doing.

Facebook was a H U G E distraction for me. You may be thinking, get a grip Jen. But seriously, it was my Mommy Crack.. I allowed it to control me. Not Cool!

Facebook does not have this effect on everyone, just me!

Being a Momma to five, I have plenty of other things to distract me.

At this exact moment, It actually feels liberating to be free from it. I look forward to filling all those "Me Time" moments with things that will make my heart content at the end of the day.

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  1. Good for you, Jen! Be encouraged, there IS life after Facebook! Ha!

    You should check out my post on when I quit. I haven't even looked back. Honestly, I forget it even exists until someone says, "Oh, didn't you see that on Facebook?" It truly gives you a refreshment in all facets of your life.

    I think a Facebook account actually does have that effect on waaaay more people than will admit, & what everyone needs is prayer for priorities.

    HUGE hugs to you, friend!