Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 21 through...

So.. We didn't complete our entire 30 days (Bummed)... But we did do several other things throughout the last couple of months. No pictures to capture the moments. My hope is that they were captured in my boys hearts and will be at the forefront of their minds for a long long time.. Long enough to pass on to their children and grandchildren.. :)

At first I was really hung up on not getting them all done. A day would go by and we didn't get one done. Another week would go by and I would feel a sense of guilt and urgency to get caught up on doing...  Until the Lord gave me a reality check in the matter of the heart.. Totally wrong perspective to have. So I let go of the list. I allowed moments to arise naturally.


The boys started seeing a need, and filling it without our prompting. The whole point of doing this 30 days of Finding THANKS in GIVING act was happening.. Our hearts and eyes were changed to see moments to GIVE and find THANKS in doing so.

 Even though my type A personality reallllllllllllly wanted to check off each and every act- I found contentment LETTING GO of my plan and embracing the moments God allowed to take place..

We've also been enjoying a LOT of moments like this.. :) 

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