Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 20: Let someone go before you in line.

Sams Club in Puerto Rico is not an easy feat. The parking lots are always crazy. The store is always full of people.

The lines are LONG..
No matter what time you go.
I dread the waiting in line.
I despise it.
The kids equally despise it.

Today, I had a cart full. I had already made several other stops before this one. My feet hurt. I was ready to home. By the time I made it to the checkout lane, I was grumpy and done.

Ian was the only one with me. He was begging to bust into the cookies sitting in the cart. I caved. He smiled. Which made the woman in front of me smile. It was a cool little chain reaction. It helped elevate the aching back, and throbbing feet.

I looked behind me to a man standing with just 3 things in his cart.

I looked back at my cart. I looked at the lady in front of me grabbing her receipt and I turned to the man behind me and said he could go ahead of me. He quickly moved around my cart without cracking a smile, a nod, a whisper of gratitude. He paid for his items and away he went.

Ian looked up at me and whispered- "He didn't even say thank you!"

After I checked out and we had loaded our groceries into the car. I explained that some people just didn't think like we did. They are so wrapped up in "To Do" lists or to busy going through the motions of life to notice the kindness around them.

Ian sat quietly next to me for a moment and than says-

"So he doesn't know how to find THANKS in GIVING, does he mom?"

I just laughed and asked him to hand me a cookie. :)

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