Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 18: Give a stranger a ride.

Day 18: Give a stranger a ride.

Living on a tropical island= Being blessed with amazing weather. (most of the time)

Usually it is always sunny. And you can almost always tell when a monsoon monster is about to attack. The boys and I were out and about running errands and swung by the exchange for some last minute items before heading home.

When we entered the exchange it was bright sunny skies.

Hot! Muggy!

When we left the exchange the sky had turned dark gray. And we just made it into the car as the heavens opened up for a downpour.

As we exited the gates from the Exchange and made our way home, we noticed a man walking with a newspaper over his head and a couple bags of groceries. My first initial thought was- "Sucks for him, my babies are in the car and I promised my husband I wouldn't pick up any more random people!"

But then Ian spoke up, he must have noticed him too.

"Mom, I know that guy! He lives on base"

BINGO! A loop hole in not disrespecting my husbands wishes! 

I put the car in reverse and rolled down my window just enough to yell out- "Need a ride?" He hesitated for a moment and then smiled as he motioned towards the car, already a bit drenched.

He said he had just moved here a couple months ago and was the OS for something or another. (I really should pay more attention to other job titles besides my husbands.) He said he hadn't thought to bring an umbrella with him. I suggested it be an every day accessory, especially if he planned on continuing to walk to and from work.

The boys asked him a million different questions on our short ride home and as we dropped him off at his front door he was extremely grateful for the ride and went on his way.

When we left the Exchange I was exhausted from all the running around we had done that day. I was a bit grumpy and short with the kids. I had a goal- make it home and take a nap with Jeremiah. But after picking up that man (which he told me his name and I forgot) my heart was full of contentment. My boys were smiling. As I looked through the rear view mirror at my boys sitting in the back seat, there was a sense of peace. I could see their little minds spinning with thoughts. Hopefully, those thoughts were finding THANKS in GIVING.. I know mine were.. :)

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