Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 19: Help to the needy.

DAY 19: Help to the needy.

As we were driving home from the $60+ grocery store trip, we saw a station wagon parked next to a dumpster with a wife and three kids sitting inside. The husband rummaging through the trash looking for cans and various other things with a stick.

As we drove past, I asked the kids if they saw what I saw? They said yes.
I asked them if we had EVER had to dig through a dumpster to find food or a source of money? They said no.

I asked Shane to open my wallet to see how much cash I had left. It was a little over 10 dollars. I pulled over and told the boys I was going to drive back and give whatever money I had left to the family.

Ian emptied out his pocket full of change. Shane grabbed all the change out of the ash tray.

I caught him just as he was getting back in the car.

My eyes watered as I gave what I had to him. I muttered "May God Bless You!"

As I walked back to the car, I prayed he wouldn't spend it on booze. That he would use it to provide for his family. That our simple act would allow him to feel HOPE and know that God was looking down upon his family.

I got back in the car to the boys smiling, asking what he had said. What I had said. I smiled as I wiped the tears away and just simply prayed again out loud-

"Thank you Lord for always providing just enough for our family, may we never take your provisions for granted! May we continue to find THANKS in GIVING what you have allowed us to have." 

I didn't grab a picture. It didn't feel apporpriate.

HUMBLING Experience..

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