Thursday, September 11, 2008

In a glimpse..

Tonight I was cleaning out my Photo Booth pictures and couldn't believe how much my little men have changed in a matter of 2 years.. I guess looking at the old pictures made me realize how fast kids change and mature right under your nose without you even knowing it..  Remember when you would go to the grocery store or the mall and little ole' ladies would walk up to you and say " Cherish these times, Honey- they grow up fast" and if you were anything like me you'd kinda look at them and think to yourself " Are you CRAZY, do you know how tired I am, do you know how many diapers I have changed today, or how engorged my ta-ta's are??" Well I guess now I am understanding more of what those sweet little ole' ladies where trying to warn me about.  When your in the moment of it all- it seems as if it will never end, and then when it does God has a funny way of making you miss those moments, Long for those moments, Want those never ending, long night, why did I think one more was a good idea moments back.. 


  1. would love to meet you for lunch. I lived in Orange County for ,many years. I know just where Fullerton is, but not the place you mentioned. Send me an e-mail at this e-mail address I am shutting the old e-mail down this weekend. I can't believe how fast we are moving too !!! I have so much to finish up and hope to leave by Tuesday. Thanks for the invite. It would be fun !!! Blessings until later, your friend, Mica

  2. Um, hi. Clearly the "Best Neighbor Ever Award" goes to you and Dale. You totally took my kid from the pool, got him dressed, took him out for pizza and let him play video games at your house, all of this on top of your own (wonderful, sweet and amazing) 3 sons and Heather's 4 kids as well. All I ever do is stupid crap like let you put boxes in my basement room that I never use anyway. definitely win. :) Love ya! xoxo

  3. Hi Jen,

    Wow Quite impressive. I know Grandma Banks would be sooo very proud of you and how your're homeschooling the boys.
    We luv you and will continue to pray for you.
    Aunt Nan