Saturday, January 24, 2009

20 Things..

I saw that my neighbor Emily did one, and I said to myself "No!" I am not going to do it... But-Facebook suckered me in.. So why not post it here for all my "stalkers" to read too... ;)

20 Random Things.. 

1. I am a Sinner.. But God knew I would be and sent His only son in my place.. 

2. My husband and I met "cruising" on a Saturday Night.. We were married 4 months later..

3. This year will be my hubby and I's 10 year anniversary. 

4. I use the word "freakin" way too much and my kids tell me to stop cussing..

5. I honestly think Satan created Brownies and Double Stuffed MINT Oreo's.. 

6. I have 5 tattoo's and want to get the sign of the trinity on the inside of my wrist..

7. I like the "idea" of having our dog, but can't stand the hair/messes that comes along with ownership..

8. Having kids has softened me.. 

9. My BIGGEST pet peeve is when people smack their food while chewing.. 

10. I most likely gave my mom the majority of her gray hairs, with all my rebellion growing up..

11. I am a recovering Costco Addict.. 

12. Instead of buying 1 $50 thing- I will buy 50 $1 things and think I got a good deal.. 

13. I think coffee tastes like warmed up cigarette butts. 

14. 10 years ago I told my husband the one place I would NEVER move to was Kodiak, Alaska. That he would have to Geo-Bach. if we ever got stationed there.. But the Lord has such hilarious sense of humor and changed my heart and slowly moved us further and further North. ...and I was actually the one who pushed to put it on our "dream sheet". 

15. I can smell my husbands fart as soon as it starts to leave his bum..

16. I am a very open person, sometimes to a fault.. 

17. I am thankful I am not a cat and limited to 9 lives, or I would be dead by now. 

18. When I turned 21 I was nursing and couldn't have my "first" legal drink.. 

19. I love routine but am horrible at consistency. 

20. I have been on the 10 year 2 year plan and 2 classes shy of getting my AA.. (maybe in another 10 years??)

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