Monday, January 5, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane..

at least I know when He'll be back again.. ;) Yesterday the boys and I took Dale to the Airport to board a very long flight to Florida. He will be in training until the 28th and the boys and I have already made one of those construction paper counter downers (what are those things called anyway?) 

So after putting the kids to bed last night, I found my first note... and cried..

Then I found my second note... and cried...

And this morning as I felt better and ready to tackle my day I found my third note as I grabbed a pair of socks out of the drawer.. and cried.. 

Luckily, I baby sat a sweet and lovable 4 month old GIRL today that kept me pretty distracted, along with homeschooling and the daily "to do's" of being Mom, Dad (for now), house cleaner, teacher, Chef.. Well you get the point.. ;) 
and then I found this while cooking dinner...

and I actually didn't cry.. It was like he was right there in the kitchen giving me a great big hug. And as I put the kids to bed tonight I thought about how complacent I have become. How I assume that he will always make it home from work, how he will always be there to fix the car, or just simply, be here- to help me put the groceries away, brush the kids teeth, or get my nightly glass of water.. It also got me thinking about how much I love him and appreciate all that he does on a daily basis to provide and care for his family.  And I have come to the conclusion that I don't verbalize my appreciation as much as I should. 

Wait.. Are you ready for a rabbit trail? 

Cause.. Hippity Hop, We're there.. 

Thinking of all this, made me also ponder my love and appreciation for my Heavenly Father. How often do I verbalize my thanks to Him? When I start my prayers- do I start them with earnest Thanks, or do I just do the whole "Forgive me for this, and "Please" for that.." kinda prayer.  I know I try to focus on my thanks, before getting into "MY" needs and wants, but I need to thank more, complain less.. And not just at bedtime or in the morning when I rise.. I need to do it continually through out the day.  I mean, sure when I get front row parking at the grocery store (which by the way Dale and I call "Rock Star Parking") I shoot up a little prayer thanking God for such a close spot. And every now and again I shoot up a "Lord, bind my tongue" or " Thank You Jesus for this moment" but I guess I just feel like I should be more thankful, more of the time.  Just imagine being hugged by the Father all day long... That is what He wants to do, if we allow Him. With that I am off to bed.. 

But not before I-
 Thank My Father.. :)


  1. That picture of the boys at the airport is so cute and heart breaking. Also, how sweet and romantic is your husband for leaving you those notes?! Hang in're doing awesome! :)

  2. Love your song it's one of my fav's. You know what is soo cool? Mark did the same thing for me like two weeks ago! He left me little notes all around the kitchen so I would find them telling me how thankful he was for me....yes I cried and I have them posted on my fridge! Hope your well my friend!