Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grocery Shopping the Commissary is usually on any other day a dreaded chore.. Especially when I have to take all the boys with me. But today my friends was a NEW DAY.. Today, I would have to say, grocery shopping at our tiny, "do they not know how to keep a decent stock of NON-rotting produce", "clear the shelves of expired things", and "seriously who is your stock manager" commissary was the highlight of my day.. 

Thursday is when they usually get new shipments in of produce, meat and dairy, but because the weather has been so bad the past week I thought for sure I would be going into a bare and forsaken land.. I seriously am still gitty about how fully stocked everything was.. And YES, I am totally blogging about it.. Why, because #1- My husband is gone and I have to do something to keep my mind busy. And #2- For a moment, I mean a very brief (like blink of an eye) kinda moment, I felt like I was in COSTCO. As soon as you walked through the doors, there were stacks of BULK items just like you would find at my beloved Costco.. And the best part about it was that the prices where not "Give your first born"  or "take my left kidney" sky high, like everything else on this island.. 

I know, I know.. I should be appreciative of what I do have here on the island and I am (somedays). But all you lower 48ers have no idea how hard up you get for a good deal on bulk items every now and again.. Yes! Yes! I know- I need help because I actually took the time to take a picture of all my lovely finds, but can you tell me what meeting I need to attend on another day, because right now all I want to do is BASK in the glory of Cuties, Gold Fishies, Granola Bars, and Hot Pockets.. 


  1. You are so FUNNY!!! And I mean laugh-out-loud funny. "Take my left kidney" just about sums it up sometimes. They had bulk diapers and wipes too, which I would have been all over, had I a child who still needed that stuff. The fact that I instinctively thought about that can only be attributed to the fact that I MISS COSTCO TOO!!! Seriously, I don't care how, when or who we have to take with us, I think we should hop a C130 to Anchorage when the hubs are gone and go. To Costco. Only Costco. We need it. :)

  2. You officially have island fever. We'll go to Costco next time you're out here and just walk every aisle...twice. :) Glad you can find joy in the little things. "I will get through this day." Love you!