Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! Created by MckMama
You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This is a great way to show you that I am perfectly unperfect!!! I hope it makes you smile.

I did NOT go swim 20 laps at the pool at 6 o'clock this morning and then come home and eat 3 oreos and a piece of Mocha Choc. Silk Pie for breakfast...

I most certainly did NOT eat another 2 oreos for lunch, while I made sure the boys had a proper serving of fruit, dairy and grain.

I with out a doubt did NOT think eating nothing but Oreos for breakfast, lunch and dinner could possibly be the next fad Hollywood Diet.. Ohhh but don't I wish!!!

I did NOT start a load of wash, come upstairs set the timer to remind me to go switch it out, and then 50 mins later forget what the timer was for...

I did NOT seethe with envy wishing I could trade places with my husband at work knowing full well he got to slowly start his day with other adults draggin' cause it's MONDAY- while I had one child doing flips off the arm of the couch, one child jumping on the trampoline while trying to do his math, and one child secretly climbing on top of the fridge to get to the candy jar.. Ohhh No, that would NEVER happen in my house.. My children are well mannered polite boys that wake up with calm spirits, quietly eat their breakfast and eagerly ask to start their homeschooling for the day while I make bread, sing hymnals and knit all at the same time. :P

PS.. Those Oreos were NOT double stuffed!!!!

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  1. That is hilarious!!! Thanks for the chuckle.

    So glad you popped by my blog!
    I did not realize how close to home that post would hit when I wrote it. We've just had a death in the family and now I get to listen to the lyrics of that hymn for myself.

    Bless you.